Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Perth

Emergency Dentist in Perth

At Absolute Smiles, we usually have a Perth emergency dentist ready to cater emergency appointments.

What would classify as a Dental Emergency
There are several situations which would identify as a dental emergency:

Toothaches sometimes would require attention straight away. Call us on (08) 9279 7956 or  (08) 9444 1227 and let the front desk know that you have a toothache and if it is hurting badly, let us know require immediate attention. Our dentist would try to book you in for an emergency appointment.

Crowns Fell Out
There are times when a crown would fall out (be it temporary or a permanent crown) and it can be quite embarrassing or uncomfortable for you in these situations. This requires attention straight away. Call our clinic immediately to get an appointment and have the crown re-cemented back.

Wisdom Teeth Removal
If you have not removed your wisdom teeth and is causing a lot of pain such that you also get a fever, it could be that your wisdom teeth are impacting on the nerve or your other teeth. This would cause a lot of pain and sometimes would require an emergency appointment to have them extracted. If the wisdom teeth do require a surgical extraction, we may have to refer you to our dentist that does the treatment. We also can offer sedation options to make the procedure more comfortable.

Tooth or Teeth Knocked out
If your teeth or tooth has been knocked out:

  • DO NOT Place the tooth in a water
  • DO NOT Attempt to place the tooth back in your gums
  • DO NOT Touch the Root

Call us immediately to book an emergency appointment.

Chipped or or Broken Teeth
Not all chipped or broken teeth are emergency appointments.

But call us and book an appointment so that the dentist can assess the severity of the situation.

If you have suffered trauma and bleeding or if it is a broken front tooth, then it would be classified as an emergency.

Abscess can sometimes occur due to an infection or due to a wisdom teeth coming through the gums. The dentist would sometimes prescribe antibiotics for the swelling to go down and then treat the issue. Do not leave the abscess too long and book an appointment to have it treated.

Why Choose Absolute Smiles for your Emergency Dental Treatments?
We have over 20 years combined dental local dental experience. Our dentist qualifications are locally recognised, they are trained in the latest technology and dental treatment techniques.

Call us on (08) 9279 7956 – Bassendean or  (08) 9444 1227 – Mount Hawthorn or drop us an enquiry here.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified dental practitioner.