Afterpay Dentist

Afterpay Dentist Bassendean Perth

Afterpay Dentist

Are you currently looking to go on a payment plan or an Afterpay Dentist in the Bassendean, Perth area to pay for your dental visit or treatments? Try using Afterpay at our clinic in Bassendean, Perth
What is Afterpay?
Afterpay is a financial company that provides a payment plans for consumers where payment for a service or a treatment gets spilt into 4 x equal payments over a fortnight.

How to use Afterpay to pay for Dental Treatments/Visits?
It is the same as retail with Afterpay, you must first apply for it via the app store or Google store, then go through a credit check.

Payments are then split into 4 x payments fortnightly with the first payment debited on the day.

Setting up Your Afterpay Account
You need to at least be 18 years old and have a drivers license or proof of ID.

Then download the Afterpay app on the Google Store or App Store in your iPhone.

The instructions on the app will then request you to send some proof of ID and some documents for a credit check.

Once it has been set up correctly, you should receive a barcode and a credit limit.
Please check the Afterpay website for more details.

Are there Credit limits on Afterpay?
Yes there are credit limits on Afterpay of up to $2,000 starting late April 2020. The credit limit is assessed and provided by Afterpay based on your credit check.

Why Choose Absolute Smiles, Bassendean as your preferred Dental Clinic?
We have local, highly experience dentists with over 20 years combined Perth dental experience.
We are trained with the latest dental technology and techniques.

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