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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about cosmetic, general dental treatments and zipMoney payment plans.

1) What sets you apart from other cosmetic dentists in Perth?

A quick search on Google will pull up hundreds of dentists offering cosmetic dentistry services. It can be confusing and overwhelming knowing who to go to and where to even start!

Our dentists are highly experienced and specially trained in cosmetic dental procedures, having spent a great deal of time learning and practicing the latest in cosmetic dental treatments and materials.

We have the privilege of working with our own dedicated, highly skilled dental technicians who are with us ON SITE, everyday.  Almost every other dental practice needs to send their work out to external dental labs. This means that we are able to offer something very unique – we can complete your crowns and veneers ALL IN ONE DAY, meaning you get your dream smile much quicker!

2) What materials will you use when doing my smile makeover?

All our dental work is fabricated from the HIGHEST END, strongest materials available on the market. Our ceramic work is all specially designed, milled on site using the latest in dental milling technology and hand finished to the highest standard.

Beware those who send work to overseas dental laboratories! This has become an increasing and worrying trend designed to cut costs for the dentist. The strict standards and protocols we have in Australia are usually not followed in overseas countries, meaning often you will have no idea about the quality or even the safety of the type of material that is being placed in your mouth.

3) Am I really able to have my smile makeover completed all in one day?

YES! We are one of the ONLY dental practices in Perth who can offer this amazing service! Once you have attended our rooms for an initial consultation and are happy with your treatment plan, we can have your new smile completed all on the same day (this applies to crown and veneer treatments specifically).

We are equipped with and use the highly advanced CEREC Cad-Cam ceramic system. This allows us to scan the teeth using precise intra-oral camera scanning technology, computer assisted designing followed by ultra-fast and precise 3D milling all on site, all while you wait!

More complex treatments such as full mouth reconstructions may need to be phased out in stages, however your dentist will discuss with you the best option for your case and the right way to proceed to ensure you get the perfect result you’ll be happy with.

4) I’m worried about how much my smile makeover is going to cost?

Cost is a major factor that most patients worry about when making an appointment to come see the dentist, and we completely understand. When making your initial consultation, our friendly receptionists will go through fee’s for this first appointment so there are no surprises!

Once you have seen one of our dentists, a specifically tailored treatment plan will be formulated that you are happy with and suits your budget, with all the fees laid out clearly and fully explained. If you have private health insurance (eg: HBF), we will often be able to do an “on the spot” out of pocket final quote for you. Alternatively, you can take your quote to your health fund provider to find out exactly how much you will need to pay and how much of the treatment they will cover.

Individual, interest free payment plans for larger work are available through our partners at ZipMoney. Some dental treatments can sometimes be spread out over several months or over the course of the year to make it easier and more affordable for patients.

5) I’m a REALLY nervous patient – will I be able to cope with treatment?

You are not alone! A large number of patients are nervous to different degrees about coming in for dental treatment.

If you are extremely nervous, have not been able to cope with dental procedures in the past, are a bad gagger, or have more invasive treatment to be done, you may benefit greatly from one of our Sleep and Sedation dentistry options.  Click here to find out more about these treatments.

6) I feel like I’ve neglected my teeth for so long and now it might be too late?

We hear this comment a lot from patients who have not been to the dentist for many, many years. Patients are often anxious and even embarrassed that they have neglected their teeth to the point where they feel that it is “too late” and they are “too far gone”. Luckily, with the advancements in dental technology and procedures, there are so many options to fix even the most damaged of teeth and smiles. One of our gentle and skilled dentists will sit down with you to thoroughly assess your individual situation and then work out the best treatment plan that suits your needs and budget.

7) How will my smile makeover look? I’m worried I won’t like it.

It is very important before any major cosmetic dental work is started, that the patient and dentist be on the same page in terms of what the final outcome will look like. This is why prior to committing to any dental treatment, we like to complete a “mock up” of what your final result will look like. This is done by taking moulds of the teeth in their current condition, then letting our skilled dentists and technicians complete a “mock up” outside of the mouth on replica models. This allows you to physically see what type of results can be achieved and allows you to make any changes in the design as you wish. At the end of the day, this is YOUR smile makeover and you are in full control of how you want your final result to look like.

8) I’ve heard you need to “shave” the teeth down for cosmetic work. Is this true?

Yes, in bigger cosmetic transformation cases that involve crowns and/or veneers, it is unavoidable that the teeth need to be reduced in size in order for the ceramic work to fit over the teeth. However, this reduction is kept minimal wherever possible in order to maintain the strength of the tooth.

In some cases such a “direct veneers” that are made out of composite (white filling material), no tooth reduction is necessary at all. Your dentist will assess your teeth and provide you with all the possible treatment options.

9) How long will my new dental work last for?

This really depends on many factors, mainly biological. Scientific studies tell us that ceramic treatments can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, teeth that are crowned and veneered can still decay underneath if they are not properly cleaned and looked after. Diet can also play a big role, with high acid and sugar diets creating problems. For these reasons it is very important that you keep up your regular maintenance visits so that the teeth and gums can be thoroughly checked and cleaned, prolonging the lifespan of your dental work.

Porcelain crowns and veneers do NOT stain and will NOT change colour, however those who have had their natural teeth whitened need to be aware that results WILL fade over time and will require some maintenance in the future.

In patients with a very heavy bite, and those who grind or clench their teeth (particularly at night whilst sleeping), ceramic work can become damaged in the same way as natural tooth enamel. For this reason it is important to identify these types of habits beforehand, so that measures can be taken to protect the teeth, ensuring your work lasts as long as possible.

10) Is it going to be a painful experience?

Painful dentistry is definitely a thing of the past. Our dentists are trained to ensure that your dental work is completed in a way that is as painless, and comfortable as possible. If you are worried about a particular aspect of your treatment (eg: having a needle), let your dentist know and options can be discussed to address this and ensure you have only the BEST experience with us.

zipMoney Payment Plans

1) Who can apply for finance?

zipMoney’s flexible approvals means anyone who is over 18 years old, is an Australian resident, is employed in some capacity and earns more than $300 per week is eligible to apply.

2) What information do I need to have handy?

All you need to apply is the personal and banking information you know by heart, and the identification details in your wallet or handbag – it’s that simple.

3) How long does it take to apply?

The application process is quick and easy – it usually takes about 3 minutes to complete all the information. You will either receive an answer in a few minutes, or if the team at zipMoney needs to verify some of the entered information, then within the hour.

4) How much will I need to budget each month?

It’s up to you! With repayments from as little as $5 a day you have the flexibility to make repayments according to your budget, lifestyle and personal financial situation. Many customers often tailor their repayments to pay more than the minimum under the facility. For example the contractual minimum monthly repayment is $150 or 3% of the balance outstanding (whichever is greater) and this can be set to weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

5) Does zipMoney cover everything I need for my procedure?

zipMoney covers the full cost of the procedure, so you will have nothing to pay upfront. We offer a range of different payment plans, so please let us know how much you are looking for.

6) What is my Credit Limit on the Account?

Your Credit Limit is the maximum amount you may borrow at any one time under your facility. This is different for each of the procedures – you can choose the size of your payment plan and either borrow the full or partial amount.

7) How is my personal and banking information protected if I apply?

We are committed to protecting all customer data, so any personal or banking information you provide during the finance application process stays secure on the zipMoney site and is not shared nor stored on The Absolute Smiles site. This process employs the highest SSL encryption technology to keep your information safe and secure.

zipMoney complies with all relevant Privacy Laws and treat these obligations and commitments very seriously. They also employ 2 factor authentication for every transaction. This means in addition to your Secured Password, they send a single-use Code via SMS for all transactions to protect your account from fraudulent activity.

8) What happens if I miss a monthly payment?

If you miss one of your monthly payments, late fees may be charged, so please contact the friendly staff at zipMoney to let them know. You will receive a number of emails and SMS’s to remind you, so don’t worry if it happens accidentally. You can find out more about monthly payments by visiting the FAQ page on the zipMoney website.

9) What happens after the interest free period?

zipMoney provides 6 months interest free on all procedures, giving you the flexibility and freedom to pay for all or part of your procedure, as you wish.

After this promotional period, zipMoney’s standard annual percentage rate of 19.90% applies. With no annual fees and no time limits, you can simply continue to make payments each month until your procedure is paid off. Find out more by visiting the FAQ page on the zipMoney website.

10) What fees are payable on my Account?

zipMoney charges a one-time fee to establish your Account that varies based on your procedure – for a $2,000 payment plan, for a $3,000 payment plan, for a $4,000 payment plan, for a $5,000 payment plan and for up to $6,500.

There are no annual fees. However, there is a monthly service fee of $5.95, which is charged for any month there is a balance outstanding on your Account.

Interest will be charged at the Standard Annual Percentage rate (see above) if any part of the transaction is unpaid after the interest free period.

Other fees may be charged for alternate methods of repayment, dishonoured and late payments. Please check your contract for specific details.

11) Can I apply on my own or do I need to have someone co-sign to get approval?

Yes, you can apply on your own! zipMoney applies its own lending criteria to each application. For more information, visit the FAQ page on the zipMoney website.

12) Can I use my zipMoney Account at another cosmetic surgeon?

No. Once you are approved for a zipMoney Payment Plan and one of the kind staff at Absolute Smiles takes your booking – zipMoney then pays Absolute Smiles directly, so no cash ever changes hands. You will not be able to use these funds at another clinic or surgery.

13) I’d like to know more about zipMoney. Where can I learn more?

For more information, visit the FAQ page on the zipMoney website. Alternatively, call our clinics and one of our friendly Consultants can assist you.

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For affordable and reliable dental care, Absolute Smiles is the best choice for patients in Bassendean and Mt Hawthorn. Committed to providing quality services, we offer very competitive prices for all our treatments and use only the best equipment and materials for the very best results.

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As an HBF preferred provider, we also provide HICAPS dental health fund and insurance billing terminal to easily process your dental health fund or insurance claim. Just bring your card to the clinic and we'll take care of the rest for your convenience.

Please note: Payments are due on the day of treatment.

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If you're unable to attend your appointment for any reason, please give us 24 hours' notice so we have time to offer the slot to someone else. Failure to attend without letting us know may result in a fee.

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Absolute Smiles provides patients throughout Bassendean and Mt Hawthorn with a comprehensive range of expert dental services, including general dentistry and emergency treatment. Whether you want to book a routine check-up for your children or require intervention for toothache or gum problems, we can help.  READ MORE

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